Al Jazeera’s The Stream posted this video on instagram asking their followers about what sort of advertising they associate with the holy month of Ramadan, following up with a series of similar questioning tweets. Many responders share the opinion that the holy month is going the way of pagan holidays by appealing to mass commercialisation. Between your local corner supermarket, the Muslim-owned manufacturer, specialist stores, blue-chip corporations and everything in […]

The day you’re told to stop being courteous, that your politeness is mistook for flirting, and efficiency in business for desperation. Be pleasant, still. The day your wave isn’t returned, and a smile blandly accepted with a 1/4 nod. Be kind, still. The day you resist making art because no soul can be bothered to find it or appreciate it Make art, still. The day you please purely just your […]

It’s too easy to recognize the shadow of a Divine Hand, in the exquisite and the excruciating. Inexplicable wonders of serendipitous happiness or equally tragic coincidence, are swiftly explained away by a 3 word statement. “It’s fate’s hand” Solemn mumble or spirited shriek, an easy line ejected in an arc for extremes. The metaphor is a pair of hands, afterall. Fingers splayed, to the total left, or complete right. But […]

Yesterday, fantastic conversation with a side order of coffee drifted to the question of “naivety”. What used to be a synonym for “foolishness” is now used liberally to describe someone that is young or inexperienced in the limited vile characteristics of human nature. So what is it, to be naive. Is believing in the good of people, until and unless they prove themselves otherwise, naive ? Is the convincing yourself […]

On this day 10 years ago, a gentleman I had the privilege of having in my bloodline as my grand-dad, lay still at his funeral Amidst tears, grief, and shoulder trembling sobs. On this day 10 years ago, a dear cousin celebrated their nuptials With fanfare, smiles and shoulder trembling laughter. As tempting as it is to be consumed by grief or euphoria, on whichever side fate has you found […]

“Celebrate Nelson Mandela’s contribution to humanity by creating a poster or series of posters. The project aims to collect exceptional posters from around the world and collate them into an online publication and travelling exhibition.” This was the call from Mohammed Jogie and co from The Mandela Poster Project. The response and quality of work from around the world has been nothing short of amazing! Check out the AIGAAfrica and […]

I’ve always fancied the idea of blogging updates of each project as I complete them. For someone like me where words sputter and jerk like a drip-over coffee maker rather than a smooth espresso, this is a lofty ask. Nevertheless – there’s nothing like an NDA to make one want to tweet and blog about it, and now that the proverbial duct tape has been removed, here’s what I’ve been […]

You ask for space, but you’re secretly craving company change. Time alone, when what you heart really seeks is time out. Being alone with your breathing as background melody, heartbeat for entertainment and not a shred of loneliness for company is a mighty fragile gift that too often disappears like a scampy pet. If you have it, be thankful. If you don’t, search for it. It is there, and it […]

In the Summer of 2012/2013 @roshan__bb had a brilliant idea to tweet a list of atypical things to do in KZN, particularly for our Vaalie brethren. Now that another holiday season is upon us and the tweets are lost in the aether, I’ve compiled most of our tweets into this blogpost for your convenience. —– There’s more to KZN than the ocean. Visit Hluhluwe for a bush experience or 1000 hills for old-school […]

Is it at all plausible to be ruined by yourself ? The same brain and heart powered by chemical whizzbangs responsible for that smile. The imagined leap in your heart that tells your feet to skip, hands to twirl and heels to click. Surely, the same bits of you that beat and whirr to warm up your soul, top to bottom, inside out, can’t turn themselves into sharpest cold shards […]